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Fourth nerve palsy refers to a weakness of the nerve that supplies impulses to the superior oblique muscle, a muscle of the eye which has the main function of moving the eye downwards. Individuals with a right fourth nerve palsy will have their right eye positioned higher than the left. What is a fourth nerve palsy? The fourth cranial nerve innervates the superior oblique muscle, so weakness of the nerve is also known as superior oblique palsy. Weakness of the superior oblique muscle causes a combination of vertical, horizontal and torsional misalignment of the eyes. The vertical misalignment is typically the most noticeable. Management of Fourth Nerve Palsy. The management of fourth nerve palsy involves temporary occlusion, prisms, and surgery. Some patients can be treated with a base-down prism over the affected eye, and usually press-on Fresnel prisms are used before permanent ones are ground into the lenses.

NOI13 Diplopia 6 – 4th Nerve Palsy Questions: 63. What are 6 characteristics of a 4th nerve palsy? 64. When a patient has a 3rd nerve palsy and the eye cannot adduct, how can the function of the ipsilateral 4th nerve shown to be present? Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Goodrich on fourth nerve palsy eye: Strabismus is the generic term for eye misalignment of any cause. If from childhood, the eyes are separated about the same in all positions. If from cranial palsy, the degree of separation goes from normal away from.

You are correct JB. A fourth nerve palsy causes diplopia when looking medialy. We tend to look medially when reading or walking down stairs. In fact, before I was very comfortable with the eye-muscles, I used the “double vision with reading” mneumonic to help me understand this palsy. Healing 4th nerve palsy. 07/09/2009 Question: I`m 24 years old, 2 months ago I suffered a head injury. I hit my face on a stair and the contact was made just over my right eye and below the eyebrow directly over the supraorbital foramen. I had a CT test which came back with nothing. The Symptoms of a Trochlear Nerve Palsy. The diagnosis of a fourth nerve palsy starts by looking at the signs and symptoms. If someone presents to the doctor with a history that is compatible with a fourth nerve injury, such as a blow to the head or neck area in an auto accident, the doctor is. Acquired oculomotor nerve palsy OMP is an ocular pathology resulting from damage to third cranial nerve. It can presents in different ways causing somatic extraocular muscle dysfunction superior, inferior, and medial recti; inferior oblique; and levator palpebrae superioris and autonomic pupillary sphincter and ciliary muscles. Congenital fourth nerve palsy; Trochlear nerve: Specialty: Neurology: For acquired fourth nerve palsy, see fourth nerve palsy. Other names for fourth nerve palsy include superior oblique palsy and trochlear nerve palsy. When looking to the right/left the nerve/muscle isn't strong enough or is too long and the eye drifts up.

10/11/2015 · Cranial nerve IV trochlear nerve is a somatic motor nerve that innervates the superior oblique muscle, which intorts, infraducts, and abducts the globe. The nucleus of CN IV lies at the level of the inferior colliculus in the tegmentum of the midbrain.

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